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Quickstart is an 8-min interactive tutorial of the nexersys system.  It guides users through (shortened) samples of Cardio, Strike & Avatar rounds and gives users fast-paced technique training covering each of the 18 strikes used in Nexersys workouts.

You navigate the menus and make selections by tapping the pads. If you have a Commercial or Pro model you may also use the touch-screen to make selections.

Check the power cord, as the monitor may have come unplugged during your workout. If that does not solve the problem, please call customer service at (877) 785-3823.

No, Nexersys warranties are non-transferrable. Please reference our product page for more detailed information on product-specific warranty information.

Nexersys Home and Pro Units have many similarities, but let us show you some of the differences between them!Both the Nexersys Home and Pro home fitness machines offer the best in mix martial arts training and high intensity workouts, however there are a some differences between the two. Take a look at the video to