Austin firm’s ‘exergaming’ product gains national exposure

May 9, 2012 – Austin American Statesman 

Terry G. Jones CEO of NexersysFor the first time in his life, Central Texas author Joe Vitale says he actually looks forward to exercising.

Vitale, 58, credits his newfound enthusiasm to an “exergaming” product from Austin-based company Nexersys that combines elements of boxing, mixed martial arts and cardio and interval training.

“It sounds weird to say this, but I fell in love with an exercise machine,” Vitale said. “I’ve been telling everyone about it. I even have pictures on my phone I’ve been showing people.”

The product has seven “strike pads” surrounding a computer monitor, where a program guides users through workouts that can last as long as 15 rounds.

“Our products are the Ferrari of the fitness world,” Nexersys Chairman and CEO Terry Jones said. “They’re really a personal trainer and a piece of exercise equipment all in one.”

The company’s high-tech fitness gadgets are getting Nexersys national attention these days.

Nexersys products have landed endorsements from pro athletes and celebrities, and the products have even gotten airtime on CBS’ highly rated “NCIS: Los Angeles” drama. The show ranked 15th on Nielsen’s list of most-watched primetime programs April 23-29, with an audience of almost 10 million viewers.

“The ‘NCIS’ producers found us,” Jones said. “They use best-in-class electronics and surveillance equipment, and they came to us.”

Other shows are also set to feature Nexersys’ products, including Disney Channel’s “A.N.T. Farm” and the DIY network’s “Man Caves.”

The U.S. Army and Navy have acquired Nexersys products, Jones said, as well as several well-known gym chains.

“Every day we wake up, there’s something new,” Jones said. “I think we’re definitely going to see a surge in interest — and we’re feeling a big responsibility to exceed customer expectations.”

The company’s product is drawing interest from male and female users, Jones said. Women tend to use it for cardio kickboxing, he said, while men — and even some children — prefer the boxing elements and other “striking exercises.”

Nexersys continues to grow and has about 20 Austin-based employees, Jones said, in addition to a cadre of freelance consultants and hardware and firmware engineers.

“The reason we’re based in Austin is because of all the assets available to us here,” Jones said. “We’ve got the right product in the right town at the right time.”

Austin firm’s ‘exergaming’ product gains national exposure