Captain Bobby Vachio Shares how Nexersys Helped up his Cardio Game

November 2012

We are thrilled to share how Captain Vachio uses Nexersys to stay strong and increase his cardio endurance, which is extremely important for a bomb squad supervisor. We thank you Captain Vachio for what you and your team does on a daily basis.

Captain Bobby Vachio (V011), Columbus, Ohio Division of Fire, 2 unit Bomb Squad Supervisor

My name is Bobby Vachio.  I’m a professional firefighter in a major metropolitan city.  I’m 15 years into my career and this job is taxing on your body!  As a Bomb Squad member and HazMat Technician, I am required to take and pass an annual physical fitness test.  I’m not going to lie, as I’ve gotten older and nagging chronic injuries started to pile up, the APFT has become pretty challenging for this old man.  As a competitive powerlifter, the strength tests were a breeze – the cardio test not so much!  So I had to make a change.

Bobby vachio

Captain Bobby Vachio

I was watching UFC replays on FUEL TV when the Nexersys commercial came on.  It immediately caught my attention as it appeared to me that it was a very well rounded, well thought out, comprehensive full body workout that required some mental gymnastics as well.  Perfect!  Historically speaking, treadmill, stationary bike, eliptical, and stair master workouts are so mundane that I fail to follow through with my cardio workouts.  Not so with the Nexersys system!  I look forward to the challenge of setting new personal records, improving my accuracy, and moving on to the next challenge as the system determines my progress.

Bobby V1After a few months of training 2 – 3 times a week on the Nexersys, and in conjunction with my regular weight training program, I could really feel the difference in my energy levels.  I found myself in a particularly challenging arson fire, with the young firefighters in my charge all about half my age.  I hung right in there and when that job was done I still had some fuel in my tank for whatever the shift had in store for us next.  One of the biggest causes of firefighter fatalities is cardiac arrest – so as I age, my cardiovascular fitness is paramount to me meeting my goal of working my entire career on the street, and not from behind a desk.

My best training partner is my 14-year-old son Austin, who loves the Nexersys system and never misses a workout with me.  He’s even gone as far as 15 rounds – but I think the Nexersys won that bout!

I can’t recommend the Nexersys system enough, especially if you find routine cardio particulary boring as I do.  The team of people behind Nexersys are top notch individuals as well.  I’ve been nothing but impressed with the level of personal service I’ve recieved from this oustanding company.



Captain Bobby Vachio Shares how Nexersys Helped up his Cardio Game