Fitness Pioneer Nexersys Partners with Gold’s Gym Francisee Association

July, 11 2013

Austin, Texas based fitness pioneer Nexersys is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association (GGFA).  As Gold Level sponsors of the GGFA Supplier’s Partner Network, Nexersys will be allowed to sell directly to Gold’s Gym Franchisees, and attend key events such as the GGFA Owner’s conference on September 30 – October 1 in New York.

“On behalf of the entire Executive Team, we are excited to have Nexersys join the GGFA Family,” said Ginger Collins, Executive Director, GGFA.   “We look forward to building a lasting partnership.”

The partnership between Nexersys and Gold’s Gym is a perfect fit.  Gold’s Gym prides itself on offering the latest cardio and strength training equipment along with dynamic group exercise programs that includes yoga, group cycling, mixed martial arts, muscle endurance training and Pilates classes. With over 700 locations across the globe, Gold’s Gym is dedicated to helping people realize their fitness goals and “find their inner strength.”

“Nexersys offers a cutting-edge, high intensity interval training style work out that Gold’s Gym members will enjoy adding to their fitness regimes,” explained Terry G. Jones, CEO, Nexersys.  “We are excited to join the team and bring our innovative fitness experience to GGFA, allowing their franchise members to attract and retain quality membership in today’s competitive market,” he added.

More than just a punching bag. Nexersys delivers unique and fast moving 4-minute cardio, core, gaming, technique and striking rounds in both traditional and southpaw stances – all in one revolutionary piece of equipment.

Nexersys provides the benefits of a personal trainer including boxing/MMA high-intensity interval training for a full body work out that’s both fun and challenging. Perfect for beginners and the most advanced athletes, a Nexersys workout engages kids and adults with its fitness and gaming platforms.

Nexersys has become the fitness equipment of choice for celebrities including UFC fighters Chael Sonnen and Johny Hendricks, boxers Maricela Cornejo and Danny Musico, celebrity trainer Gunner Peterson and hip hop star Rza (who used it to train for his role in the blockbuster film “The Man with the Iron Fists.”)

In May 2013, Norwegian Cruise Lines’ luxury ship “Breakaway” built an entire on-board “Fight Klub” around several Nexersys modules. In June 2013, Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing added Nexersys machines to their new world-class fitness facility in Indianapolis to help their acclaimed racing team increase endurance, strength and mental acuity.

Nexersys fitness machines are currently in over 200 fitness facilities nationally including hotels, cruise lines, schools, navy ships, universities and popular gyms.

For more information about Nexersys please visit www.nexersys.com, follow on Twitter @nexersys, or become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nexersys.

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Fitness Pioneer Nexersys Partners with Gold’s Gym Francisee Association