Making an Impact with Exergaming: Interview with Terry G. Jones, CEO of Nexersys

August 1, 2012 – Club Solutions

Terry G. Jones CEO of NexersysI started developing products 20 years ago. The idea for Nexersys was born from the benefits of my experience with personal trainers and my enjoyment from focus mitt and boxing style high-intensity interval training. The opportunity to provide an interactive and fun product that would engage and train people who desire to be fit, was what peaked my interest in getting involved in the fitness industry.

While I have enjoyed a successful and fun run of luck in developing consumer, medical and fitness products, I consider the major success of my life to be a 30-year marriage to my wife Billie Jean. The greatest reward I find in life emanates from my family and friends and I am very lucky to enjoy long-term relationships in both areas.

Nexersys is the only fitness product that teaches technique while also providing leadership and live performance feedback. Nexersys provides the only intelligent interactive fitness experience for club patrons. Nexersys provides leadership, challenge, technique, feedback and social interaction. We provide the only product with these benefits. The only other fitness asset that delivers these benefits to members are personal trainers.

Nexersys is committed to service, to our club customers and users. We work with 100 plus clubs (including military and first responders) and are growing. Our plans for the future are to remain committed to quality and service. We will deliver unique and engaging user experiences via our web enabled CPU and grow our business by exceeding our club and customer expectations.

We are part of the transition to multi-media interactive experiences in fitness products. In the past 10 years, the industry brought TVs to disguise the boredom of fitness machines. Nexersys is bringing an intelligent approach to engage, challenge and socialize today’s demanding fitness enthusiasts.

While we are an intelligent and interactive product, our company’s impact on the fitness industry will be felt by our worldwide advertising and interactive platform. We are the first new product in the fitness market in over seven years. We have dedicated television, electronic and marketing budgets. We will deliver that intelligent and interactive message and back it up with best-in-class user experience with unique content, peer-to-peer competition, virtual boot camps and appointment training.

Concerning my dream job, if not in the fitness industry — I have built consumer, medical and toy product companies, and I choose to be in the fitness industry. America needs us now more than ever.

Making an Impact with Exergaming: Interview with Terry G. Jones, CEO of Nexersys