Nexersys and HIIT – A Knockout Combination for Members

June 1,2012 – Club Solutions

Nexersys and High Intensity Interval Training Nexersys provides a totally new personal training experience utilizing High Intensity Interval Cross Training (“HIIT”). This highly interactive strike trainer is fun for beginners, but challenging enough for even professional MMA fighters. Training rounds cover technique, gaming, striking, cardio, sparring and core exercises. Workouts are a series of four-minute video and avatar training rounds, with each round including a 30-second instruction and warm up, three minutes of active exercise and a 30-second recap and cool down.

Nexersys provides cardio, core and resistance training in as little as 20 minutes, or five rounds. Blending gaming with exercise, users will never get bored with 80 interactive training videos and unlimited unique avatar rounds. The system’s on-board, interactive trainer is truly a distinguishing feature, teaching users proper striking techniques, challenging users to higher performance and then tracking strike efficiency for each round. Nexersys commercial unit’s “Try Me” and “Quick Start” features are ideal for the commercial gym, encouraging first time users to jump right into training. Personal profiles and workout history may be loaded via a USB port to the commercial unit for personalized workouts.

Nexersys melds fitness and gaming with the intelligence of a personal trainer by delivering users an ideal workout that strategically combines all of the activity areas and then provides personalized feedback on the user’s performance. Nexersys offers members a new, exciting interactive training experience.

High Intensity Interval Cross Training

Seven strike pads offer you a realistic range of strikes and movements, with each pad containing a three-axis accelerometer circuit board to measure power, accuracy, strike count and reaction time.

Bilateral movement in each arm creates realistic impact resistance for optimum strike training from any angle. Your video trainer talks to you from a 21.5” LCD touch screen, offering strike training and tips before, during and after your workout.

An on-screen avatar indicates location and intensity of strikes, or prompts you to strike during avatar training mode. Your performance statistics are reported in real-time on screen, with a detailed workout report at the end of each round.

The system is built on an industrial welded-steel frame, providing rugged stability and adjusting for users from 5’2” to 6’8”.

Nexersys and HIIT – A Knockout Combination for Members