Nexersys Helps Dads Get Fit For Father’s Day

May 15, 2013

In honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and in anticipation of Father’s Day, Nexersys is offering discounts on their innovative fitness modules from May 15 – June 5, 2013 with their “Get Ripped with Rounds” promotion.

It’s more than just a punching bag. Nexersys delivers unique and fast moving 4-minute cardio, core, gaming, technique and striking rounds in both traditional and southpaw stances – all in one revolutionary piece of equipment.

Each Nexersys “round” consists of 30 seconds of instruction, 3 minutes of intense exercise and 30 seconds of cool down. Dads can get a heart pounding, sweat inducing, butt-kicking workout in as little as 15 minutes on one Nexersys machine in their very own man cave.

Nexersys delivers the benefits of a personal trainer including boxing/MMA high-intensity interval training, in addition to the best entertainment and feedback available from the interactive gaming industry.

The ultimate in technology and fitness, a Nexersys fitness module SURE beats another tie for Father’s Day!

For the “Get Ripped with Rounds Promotion” Nexersys is offering $250 off of a Nexersys Home unit and $500 off the purchase of a Nexersys Pro from May 15 – June 5, 2013.  Plus if you order your Father’s Day fitness gift in May, Nexersys will include a branded dri-fit tee and a pair of boxing gloves.

To take advantage of this fantastic Father’s Day and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month promotion call Nexersys today at 877-209-0320 and mention offer code: fathersdayfitness. Financing options are available.

Nexersys Helps Dads Get Fit For Father’s Day