Nexersys Key in Fitness Routines for Tiger Boxing and Fitness

 The First Boxing Gym in the Area to Use Nexersys in their Training Routines

November 9, 2012

Nexersys Corporation, leading a fitness revolution with the next generation exercise system, is excited to announce the availability of Nexersys at Tiger Boxing and Fitness gym located in Clarksville, Tx.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to offer Nexersys to our member base. It’s a great way to offer an interactive training experience for our boxers in training. Our mission is to develop athletes at the local, regional and national level for both national and international competitions and the Nexersys gives us a unique on-machine, full body experience,” said Gary Rodriguez, owner and manager of Tiger Boxing and Fitness. “We are focused on both adult and teen training and ensure that no child is left behind.”

Nexersys combines cutting-edge exercise equipment with high-tech video gaming into one revolutionary machine.  Using High-Intensity Interval Training, the Nexersys on board trainer guides users through intense Cardio, Core and Strike Training rounds. Strike training rounds take users through beginner, intermediate and advanced levels offering jab/cross, lead body/power body, lead kick/power kick and quadrant combos.

Nexersys measures the user’s progress and results, providing performance driven live feedback as well as the option to increase program intensity levels for harder workouts. The user benefits from a fun and varied total body training experience, personal to them, whether they are working out at home or using Nexersys in the gym.

“We’re excited to be a part of the fitness routines at Tiger Boxing and Fitness. With our new child mode, we can offer kids under the age of 14 an opportunity to get involved, fitting nicely with their motto of no child left behind,” said Jim Warren, CMO, Nexersys. “Nexersys was created with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in mind, perfect for boxing training. It blends upper and lower body moves and combines striking with traditional heart-pumping cardio.”

About Tiger Boxing

Tiger Boxing & Fitness Gym is a member of USA Boxing. USA Boxing is the National Governing Body of Amateur Olympic Style Boxing & is located in the United States of America. Member Organization of AIBA Member Golden Gloves Association.   Here we can train you, manage and promote your boxing career. We have competitive teams that compete locally in tournaments as well as some that travel to other competitions. We also offer fitness classes in addition to helping you learn the basics.

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Nexersys Key in Fitness Routines for Tiger Boxing and Fitness