Nexersys Partners with Snap Fitness

A new relationship in the fitness world is in the works, after Nexersys announced it has partnered with Snap Fitness. Nexersys’ equipment, which combines gaming technology with high-intensity workouts, will now be available in about 1,400 international, 24-7 Snap Fitness clubs.

Nexersys is known for its “intelligent” workout system, which allows the user to interact with the program to create the best workout for them. It offers anyone training the chance to perform mixed martial arts (MMA) without a personal trainer or class setting.

Four-minute rounds of technique, gaming, striking, core and cardio rounds are offered as part of the Nexersys system, which participants can do while in either a traditional or southpaw stance. Nexersys offers programs for beginners and advanced trainers, as well as everyone in between.

Nexersys equipment is already available in schools, apartment complexes, military bases and hotels, as well as “Breakaway,” a Norwegian Cruise Lines luxury ship, and Sarah Fisher Harman Racing’s training center. Over 200 fitness facilities in the U.S. offer access to Nexersys equipment.

Terry G. Jones, Nexersys’ CEO, believes this unique approach to fitness will fit in well within Snap Fitness gyms.

“Our Nexersys machines provide an exciting and fun workout that Snap Fitness members will not only enjoy, but also achieve maximum results with,” he said in a news release.

The benefits of the Nexersys-Snap Fitness partnership don’t just appear for club members; apparently, Snap Fitness club executives are seeing real-time results after including Nexersys equipment into their gyms.

“I was excited when I saw Nexersys,” said Ben Anderson, the manager of the Westwego Snap Fitness in Westwego, LA, in a news release. “I immediately knew I wanted one for our club. You can hit it, interact with it and get a great workout. It was a moment of inspiration when I realized that this is a revenue source and a platform to enhance our group training. Our fitness director put together a great 45-minute workout on the Nexersys. We believe Nexersys has contributed to an increase of 8 percent in sales and 19 percent in new members.”

Nexersys has been in existence since 2010 and focuses on home and commercial gaming and fitness products.

Snap Fitness was started in 2003 and has been on the Inc. 500/5000 list for four years in a row. In addition to its national clubs, Snap Fitness also has franchises in Mexico, Australia, India and 10 other countries.

By Ashley Scoby

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Nexersys Partners with Snap Fitness