Review of Nexersys Fitness System by Geek and Fit

I started to see mentions of the Nexersys a few months ago.  I saw it on the web, saw it on TV and saw it in a couple of TV episodes (NCIS: LA was one of them).  My first instinct was: “That looks cool!”.  As a fitness and gadget geek, this was right up my alley… I contacted them to get some info and missed a few of their follow-up phone calls, but got a little scared by the price (about the same as a good treadmill for the home version).   Nevertheless, I kept checking it out and learning more about it.

The more I read, the more I wanted one.  I’ve done Karate and Brazilian JiuJitsu for a few years and really enjoy the Muay Thai and Kickboxing drills we do.  I also was looking for a way to practice striking at home and my previous attempts at a heavy bag or a standing bag were met with disappointment due to excessive shaking of the house and/or noise.  The reviews for the Nexersys were good and I was starting to get obsessed with it.

Anyways, Black Friday came and I was really considering getting one, but I passed.  On Cyber Monday, they had a pretty good deal and so did Amazon.  The difference was that the Amazon deal had free shipping and I had a gift certificate, so I ended up ordering from Amazon, because they promised two-day shipping.  Long story short, I got it three days later and it was an early Christmas at the house.   The box was huge and there was no way it was going to fit down the basement stairs, so I had unpack outside and then take the pieces one by one to the basement.  Unfortunately, my wife (who was a champ about this) fell asleep early, so I couldn’t get the last piece (the spine) to the basement until Sunday morning… so I had to wait an extra day… no biggie, but I woke up early the next day and we got it downstairs.  I then had my 8 y.o. daughter help finish the assembly between her playing and tv watching. Read Full Article Here

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Review of Nexersys Fitness System by Geek and Fit