The Nexersys Review: Daniel Carroll, One World Karate

Daniel Carroll, owner of One World Karate in Austin, Tx, prepared a review of the Nexersys. Daniel purchased the Nexersys to include in his students’ specialized training regimen. He offers his perspective on functionality and performance.

Let’s cut to the chase and give away the ending – this thing is incredible.  The Nexersys claims to be a complete workout for the mixed martial artist, weekend warrior, or even just a person who likes a fun and engaging workout. Plus lets face it, we all need to hit something every once in a while. The Nexersys is not just a workout machine for the martial artist, though if you are a serious trainer, this machine along with a Muay Thai heavy bag and a pair of running shoes will provide you with a workout you absolutely can not get anywhere else outside of the gym.  Period.

About One World karate: Located in Austin, tx and caters their martial arts classes to students with special needs and their families. Daniel Carroll is ranked as a fourth degree black-belt in the art, and has been teaching Bando and self defense for over 17 years. He has studied the Arts of Tae-Kwon-Do, Yang style Tai Chi, and Jiu Jitsu. All of these arts have contributed to the system he has developed to work with children who have physical, educational, emotional and social special needs.

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The Nexersys Review: Daniel Carroll, One World Karate