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home-model-home-fitnessProduct Overview

Nexersys is different than any training equipment you’ve ever seen or tried. Using High Intensity Interval training, Nexersys provides fast 4-minute circuits to give you a Hard Body and a Sharp Mind.  With an on-board interactive trainer to teach, challenge and track your fitness progress, Nexersys is the best overall fitness value on the market.

The NXS-H is perfect for family fitness – great for beginners, including kids and young adults, but also suitable for avid exercisers. With the concept of exergaming driving our design, fitness has never been so much fun. Get ripped with progressively harder workouts or have a blast with our multiplayer gaming options. No matter your fitness level, Nexersys helps you get the body you want.

The Nexersys Home model is for residential use only, not Commercial use. Warranty will be voided if a Nexersys Home model is used in a Commercial environment.

Nexersys Home User Experience

High Intensity Interval TrainingNexersys workouts are modeled after HIIT. These short, intense workouts are focused on striking, cardio, core and 'exergaming.' HIIT workouts improve conditioning, and are proven to burn more fat and burn calories more effecitvely.
Nexersys Training Nexersys delivers an idea workout by combining video training rounds that include cardio, technique, strike and core workouts with Avatar Follow Me and Sparring 'Exergaming.' Your workout data is tracked and saved to your profile so that you can track and start progressing from the beginner level to intermediate and advanced workout rounds.
Multiple Training LevelsBeginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels progress users through progressively more challenging workouts.
Results Analysis Strike counts, strike accuracy and power measurement helps you track your progress after each round.
Child Mode Get kids involved in fitness and fun. This mode disables the top two head pads so kids can easily compete in Avatar Follow Me, Avatar Sparring and Multiplayer Competition rounds.
Multiplayer Competition Share, Compare and CompeteTM with family, friends or workout partners. Great for group training sessions.
Training Videos Over 100 professional training videos and unlimited 4-minute Avatar Sparring rounds.
Quick Start Enjoy a 10 minute introductory workout that provides sample beginner rounds and strikes.
My Training Set up a customized workout by selecting your own rounds.
Unique Personal Profiles Set up your personal profile to track your progress through Nexersys Training. Up to 5 profiles can be stored on Nexersys.
USB Provided Save your profile and workouts to the provided USB flash drive. Plus, follow the Nexersys Body Fuel diet plan provided on your USB.
Software Upgrades Provided free of charge for the life of your machine. Links are sent via email with download instructions to give you the latest in Nexersys workouts and system improvements.

Nexersys Home Specifications

19” High Definition Monitor Displays workout videos, avatar sparring and gaming options.
Navigation Navigate your screen using the strike pads and on-screen prompts.
7 Strike Pads Vinyl strike pads in 3 different zones to act as your sparring partner.
3-Axis Accelerometers Measure impact in each pad.
Bilateral Arm Movement Provide realistic impact resistance from any angle.
Commercial grade steel frame 175 lb frame tested for up to 1,000 hours of continuous use. Adjustable for users 5’0” to 6’4”.
Compact Footprint Fits in a 4’x4’ area of your home.
Adjustable feet For optimal adjustment and balance.
Easy glide wheels For relocating your Nexersys.
Console Languages English.
Power Input 100-240V – 50/60 hz ZA

Nexersys Home Warranty

Mechanical and Electronic Parts 1 Years
Wear Parts 3 Years
Frame 7 Years
*Additional extended warranties available for purchase.



The Nexersys commercial fitness unit has over 100 professional training videos and unlimited 4-minute Avatar Sparring rounds. You'll never get bored with this revolutionary interactive training experience. Rounds include Core, Cardio, Technique, Striking, Sparring and Gaming. View sample round videos below.