Nexersys has created the first arcade game that puts gamers in a virtual fighting ring and allows them to test their striking skills by throwing real punches and making contact with a real target.

The physical equipment of the Nexersys Arcade Model differs from the Fitness models in that it does not include the leg pads, the arms are doubled in length and there is a fun marquee and cage included to add to the experience. Fast Fists is the first Nexersys Arcade game and features two types of rounds: Training and Competition. In each round, players strike the pad that corresponds to the targets on screen as fast as they can.


Fast Fists is an action packed, physically involving striking game that is both fun and challenging. Players can choose to challenge the 3D fighters on their own or compete with multiple players for the highest score. The game features multiple fighters and two types of rounds, mitt-training and competition. The mitt-training rounds preview the types of strikes you will have to throw in the competition rounds. As you progress through the game, prompts will get faster as you challenge new fighters and you will have to throw more strikes to keep up!

•    Fun & challenging rhythm-based striking game
•    Gameplay for up to 4 players
•    Ladder of different fighters that players must unlock to become the ultimate champion
•    2 Round Types: Mitt Training and Competition


•    5’ x 6.5’ footprint
•    22” HD touch screen monitor
•    5 two-toned leather strike pads containing three-axis accelerometers
•    CoinBox with administrative controls and option to add bill validator and credit card reader
◦    also includes currency localization for U.S., Mexico, New Zealand and Australia
•    Marquee with ambient lighting and speakers
•    Bilateral arm movement with impact absorbing shocks
•    Foldable steel cage surrounding unit including cage padding with printed covers
•    Adjustable feet
•    Easy-glide wheels
•    Power input: 100 – 240V – 50/60 hz ZA


Labor 1 Year
Upholstery 1 Year
Mechanical and Electronic Parts 2 Years
Wear Parts 2 Years
Frame 7 Years
*Additional extended warranties are available for purchase.

Take gaming to the next level. Use your fists to fight for the title in this competitive, next-generation arcade game.