Home Unit vs. Pro Unit

Nexersys Home and Pro Units have many similarities, but let us show you some of the differences between them! Both the Nexersys Home and Pro home fitness machines offer the best in strike training and high intensity workouts, however there are some differences between the two. Take a look at the video to find out which Nexersys punching workout machine will work best for you. The home unit is great for the fitness enthusiast and family fitness. It will provide a great full body workout utilizing cardio, core, and technique rounds. It also includes gaming with Avatar Follow-Me, Avatar Sparring and multiplayer competition rounds. The Pro unit is a step up for the more advanced athlete and adds perks like a 22″ LCD touch screen monitor, leather pads and larger frame. Both will give you the best high intensity training around. For your home gym, the Nexersys offers two different types of equipment. The NXS-H is for family fitness, with the concepts of ‘exergaming,’ multiplayer and guided fitness driving our design. The NXS-P is engineered with the most serious athlete in mind, with a heavier frame, a touch screen monitor and other upgraded features.



Home / Pro Comparison Table

Nexersys Home (NXS-H)

Nexersys Pro (NXS-P)

Real-time Workout Performance Training    
Interactive & Intelligent Programming    
Avatar Training    
My Training Custom Training Sessions    
Nexersys Training    
Game Play    
Historical Performance Reporting    
Five Custom User Profiles    
Vinyl Strike Pads    
Commercial Steel Frame – 156 lbs total (tested to 1,000 hours continuous use)    
Adjustable Frame from 5’0″ to 6’4″    
19″ High Definition LCD Monitor    
Leather Strike Pads    
Heavy-duty, Industrial Steel Frame – 315 lbs total (tested to 3,500 hours continuous use)    
Adjustable Frame from 5’2″ to 6’8″    
22″ High Definition Touch Screen Monitor    
Special Pro Touch one-touch navigation software    
Audio cable for external speakers    
Extended Warranty    
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