Nexersys delivers a High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) workout utilizing boxing and MMA striking, and movement.

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Nexersys delivers a High Intensity Interactive Training (“HIIT”) workout utilizing boxing and MMA striking and movement.

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“Nexersys programs will challenge you at any fitness level…”

Jeff S. – Manheim, PA


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is designed to burn more calories in less time! Short exercise periods of near max intensity, followed by shortened rest periods challenge the body to its limit, leaving you superior results. Because of the design of these workouts, the body’s need for oxygen is greater in post-exercise recovery, burning more calories even after your workout is complete!


High Intensity Interval Training: Short, intense workouts focused on striking, cardio and ‘exergaming.’ H.I.I.T. provides improved conditioning, improved glucose metabolism and improved fat burning.
Multiple Unique Profiles: Each Nexersys Commercial Model is cloud connected where user data is stored, allowing any user to access their profile on any machine.
USB access: Users have the ability to also save their profile and workouts on a USB flash drive.
Attract & Engage Mode: An introductory video to get users on machine fast. The Attract & Engage mode gives users a way to quickly preview Nexersys rounds.
Training Videos: Over 100 professional training videos and unlimited 4-minute Avatar rounds
Multiple Training Levels: Suitable for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced users
Training Rounds: Include a 30-second warm up, 3 minutes of active exercise in cardio, core, technique and striking and a 30-second cool down and performance recap.
On-Screen Feedback: Includes an exercise performance summary on strike accuracy, power, reaction time, strike count and points. Feedback is reported in real-time and at the end of each training round.


22” LCD Touch Screen Tablet: Makes navigation easier with carousel browsing and selection
7 Leather Strike Pads: 3 different zones to act as your sparring partner
3-Axis Accelerometers: Measure impact in each pad
Bilateral Arm Movement: Provide realistic impact resistance from any angle
Industrial Grade Steel Frame: 315 lb frame tested for up to 3,500 hours of continuous use.
Compact Footprint: Fits in a 4’x4’ area
Adjustable Feet: For optimal adjustment and balance
Easy glide wheels: For relocating your Nexersys
Audio Cables: For external speakers
Console Languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese
Power Input: 100-240V – 50/60 hz ZA

Warranty Information

Labor 1 Year
Upholstery 1 Year
Mechanical and Electronic Parts 2 Years
Wear Parts 2 Years
Frame 7 Years
*Full warranty details in Product manuals.