Massage Gun



Relax sore muscles and speed up recovery with our Deep Tissue Massage Gun. The soothing vibrations will boost your circulation and help you achieve your peak performance.

Use Instructions:

Fully charge battery before first use. Insert the applicator of your choice by pressing in firmly. Power device on with power switch. Press the power button on the circular screen to activate the vibration and use the + and – buttons to adjust the speed level. Massage desired body part (soft tissue only) at the desired speed applying pressure as needed.

Each applicator is best for different parts of the body:

  • Fork: Use for spine, neck and Achilles tendon
  • Bullet: Use for pain points, deep tissue
  • Elbow: Use for palms and soles of your feet
  • Shovel: Use for ab muscles and lower back
  • Flat: Use for all body parts
  • Round: Use for back, thighs and calves

Comes With:

  • Massage Gun
  • 6 Interchangeable Applicators


Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.875 x 2.5in
Vibration Frequency: Level 1 – 30Hz, Level 2 – 40Hz, Level 3 – v53Hz
Weight: 2.5 lbs. 11.1kg
Charge: 110-240V 50/60Hz -SA-26VDC-1A

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