Core Training: More than Crunches and Sit-Ups

Integrating core training fitness equipment in your routine is ideal; especially if you really want to carve abs that will make swimsuit models envious, or even will alleviate back pain. Of course you will have to develop a core training strategy that is suited to the goals you would like to achieve, and that can … Read more

Fitness Discipline: Tips to Work Exercise into your Busy Schedule

You haven’t quit already have you? We know that life responsibilities are certainly palpable, real, and also sometimes terrifically overwhelming. It’s part of the territory. Even if you’ve been a disciplined madman or madwoman, exercising wildly, even daily on your home fitness equipment, there may be a thought of, “How do I get back in … Read more

Fitness Equipment: Detoxify Yourself

Are you ready to detoxify? Do you want to clean out the daily gluttony of life’s incessant need to think, plan, listen, do this, and do that? Does every day seem like a ‘case of the Mondays?’ We have a solution –rather a prescription–to help cleanse your mind and your body, all without wildly expensive … Read more

Exercise at Home: Making Fitness a Priority

In a world where our existence and responsibilities have almost become like a rat race, physical fitness can easily take a backseat to the demands of finding our way through the maze of life. We wake up early, sit in traffic, work, run errands, eat, clean and somehow find time for shut-eye. It seems as … Read more

Boot Camp for the Home Workout

Effective exercise takes discipline and hard work. Yet, when it comes to home workouts, our self-control and hard work can easily go right out the window. We wake up, go to work, come home and take care of responsibilities. It’s a continuous tap dance through life at a pace so rapid that Fred Astaire himself … Read more

Exercise and Health: Dangers of Hot Weather Workouts

With summertime in full swing and warm temperatures affecting much of the nation, this can be a great time to break free from the desk, stretch your muscles and get in a great workout. However, as the sizzling sun bares down, and it seem like you could fry an egg on your sidewalk, it’s good … Read more

Fitness Equipment: The Nexersys Helps Break the Fitness Plateau

When it comes to using fitness equipment, staying motivated is easy when your goals, such as weight loss or improvements in stamina, strength and mental well-being, easily stem from your efforts. Yet, the human body is an interesting study in its ability to adapt to the physical demands placed upon it. For many of us, … Read more

An Alternative to the Sedentary Lifestyle

Not surprisingly, studies show that video games may make you obese. Well, the Nexersys is not exactly your run-of-the-mill video game. You will not be training your thumbs to click at buttons as fast as they possibly can in a simulated Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) match. Nexersys trains your core — the high intensity cardio … Read more

Swimsuit Season: It’s That Time of Year

By the second week in January, some people have already tucked their New Year’s resolutions into a dark closet in the musty recesses of their minds. As summer quickly approaches, many people are full of guilt for leaving their resolutions behind or trying desperately to get into swimsuit fitness mode. To help us all recall … Read more

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