Top Fitness Trends of 2013

At the beginning of the year, we seem to always set new fitness goals for ourselves. A new year often means a clean slate for some.  According to research and studies the top health and fitness trends of 2013 did not disappoint.

[h4a] The Fitness Guru [/h4a]

This year’s trend of seeking out fitness professionals was at an all-time high. People are willing to pay top dollars in order to achieve their ultimate fitness goal. This increase in seeking fitness professionals may also have something to do with the large amount of deals being offered on websites such as Groupon, LivingSocial and Dealster for discounted sessions with these fitness gurus. Whatever the reason, experts predict this high number of users to remain consistent. Pros: Fitness professionals offer the right tools, experience, expertise and motivational support that we need for success. However, because deals are not consistently offered, sessions with a professional trainer can become expensive.

[h4a] Self-Monitoring[/h4a]

Self-Monitoring Apps

This trend has been all the rage surrounding fitness competitions, personalized diets and self-disciplined schedules for DIYers. As a result of smart phones and social media sites there are many ways for people to track their fitness goals. Example sites such as Mapmyfitness , Nike Training Club, Couch to 5K and Runkeeper are just a few on the list that have contributed to bringing back a little friendly and inexpensive competition back into the active lifestyle. Users are encouraged with these applications to earn points, compete in challenges, all while tracking their own progress. Pros: accessible, inexpensive and effective.

[h4a] High-Intensity Workouts[/h4a]

high intensity workout

We live in a world where people value efficiency and multi-tasking. High-intensity workouts owe their popularity to both qualities. A high-intensity workout usually consists of a fast-paced and intense workout that is designed to achieve results. High-intensity workout is defined as an exercise working your heart rate at about 75% to 85% or more of your maximum heart rate.  Common high-intensity workouts involve multiple fitness areas of focus. Pros: Quick, efficient and challenging.

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