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Fitness Built 'Body Shop' Tough

We are a locally owned, mission driven fitness studio. We exist to help our members achieve their ideal fitness levels and improve the quality of their lives. We believe in the importance of community but also know that personal attention and care is necessary for each individual to reach their fitness goals.

When you visit the Shop, you’ll be treated with care and respect by one of our coaches. The coach will explain your daily workout, which may include strength and conditioning exercises, yoga moves and Pilates core work. Regardless of fitness level, your workout will be challenging, fun and safe. You’ll never regret a workout after you leave the Shop.

1Lower Body

We use strength, endurance and range of motion exercises to form, tone and condition our legs, hips and core! The whole body is incorporated in this workout but the concentration is on lower.

2Upper Body

Focuses on strengthening and toning your upper body. Expect to use your arms, back, shoulders and chest at these classes.


An intensive strength session developed to make us stronger and more powerful. Our sessions incorporate both demanding olympic lifting and dynamic weight lifting of all sorts.


Led by expert Yoga Instructors, these classes will focus on Longevity, Balance, and Chi.
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Jun 12th, 2013

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Coaches’ Corner: Coach Dunte answers the age-old question “What does that work?”

Professional bodybuilding in the 1980′s was probably the worst thing that ever happened to strength training. Since the eighties, amateur bodybuilders, the dilettantes of exercise, have doomed coaches to answering the ineffective question, “What does that work?” People have come to accept that isolating muscles with dozens of exercise machines and carefully selecting toe angles Read more...

Jun 11th, 2013

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DBS Voted Best Gym in Austin

Dane’s Body Shop was voted “Best Gym” in the Best of Citysearch 2013! Thank you, everyone, for your votes! We are so lucky to be a part of such a supportive community, and we are extremely grateful to have some of the most brilliant and friendly coaches around! Spread the word! The biggest compliment you Read more...