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Beginner’s Corner: Beating the Blues

It happens to all of us sooner or later. Especially newbies. The excitement of starting a running program has begun to wear off and all

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Beginner’s Corner: Why You Should Start A Walking Program Today

If you’re considering beginning a walking program, there is no better time to start than right now. The weather is still relatively cool (but it’s

June 23, 2013 News
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Beginner’s Corner: 10 Ways To Avoid Injuries This Summer

  Injuries are an unfortunate part of the running life. They just are. Either because of training errors, poor biomechanics, improper shoe selection and numerous

June 20, 2013 News
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Beginner’s Corner: Key To Morning Running Is Being Well-Hydrated

If you’re a morning runner, one of the keys to running effectively first thing after getting up is proper hydration. Certainly being well-hydrated is a key

June 18, 2013 News
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Beginner’s Corner: How To Effectively Use Your Arms

In running, your legs move you forward but it is your arms that propel your body on to the next stride. If you carry your

June 16, 2013 News
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Beginner’s Corner: The Importance of Developing Core Strength

  Glance at just about any issue of a fitness magazine and you’ll see a cover proclaiming the need for “rock-hard abs.” That is, a

June 15, 2013 News
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Beginner’s Corner: Draw Inspiration From These Great Running Quotes

  We can often draw inspiration from other runners who have experienced many of the same highs and lows in training and racing as we

June 14, 2013 News
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Beginner’s Corner: The In’s and Out’s Of Breathing

  One of the first questions beginning runners invariably ask is: How should I breathe? There are all sorts of cute answers to that fundamental

June 13, 2013 News
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Beginner’s Corner: What To Think About On The Run

One of the questions runners are invariably asked by non-runners is: What in the heck do you think about while running? It’s a good question.

June 12, 2013 News
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Beginner’s Corner: Protecting Your Skin From the Summer Heat

As runners, we tend to pay far more attention to the inner workings of our body than the outside. We run and walk in the

June 11, 2013 News
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