Full Body Workout

How It Works

Nexersys offers a full body workout utilizing High Intensity Interval Training to give you the body you've always wanted.
Intelligent and Interactive


Whether you’re a fitness buff wanting a fun workout for your family, a serious athlete wanting to up your game or you manage a commercial fitness facility we have the solution for you.
Facility Solutions

Commercial Fitness

Nexersys is perfect for commercial gyms, multi-family housing facilities, schools, universities, hotels, cruise lines and first responders nationwide and internationally.
Fun Fitness

Home Fitness

Fun Fitness has arrived! Nexersys offers a full body workout all in one machine. Perfect for the fitness buff, serious athlete, teens and even kids into gaming.


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  • This is the absolute best exercise equipment purchase I've ever made. It gets me sweating, keeps it exciting, and keeps pushing me to do better. I LOVE it.
    Shelly M. - Home User
  • We can target a new group of members with it. We serve a lot of families and tend to miss that 18-25 year old market. The Nexersys has been great for them. I emailed our members to tell them about it and set up appointments to do one-on-one trainings, As time went on we decided to incorporate it into our circuit classes. People like it because it’s different and it’s a great workout... // Read Full Testimonial Here
    Cara Green - North Andover YMCA
  • We recently purchased the Nexersys here at Work Zone Fitness, and it instantly became a hit. The Nexersys is an amazing way to get a great workout in as little as 4 min. The Nexersys programs will challenge you at any fitness level, whether you’re in once a week or an avid gym rat.
    Jeff Sweigart - Work Zone Fitness