We are proud to support our military and understand the importance of staying in fighting shape in order to serve others. Nexersys is dedicated to creating exercise equipment that helps men and women of our armed forces surpass their fitness needs and goals.

Endurance and strength training is of the utmost importance for being mission ready and for operating at a performance level required to be part of the armed forces and Nexersys delivers. Nexersys is based upon High Intensity Interval training, providing fast, sweat inducing, 4-mintue circuits in cardio, core and strike training helping you achieve a Hard Body and a Sharp Mind.

Whether you are looking for a full body workout solution for your military base, ship or submarine, we can help with providing a single Nexersys machine or a Nexersys multi-unit pod.

See sample workout rounds below or view our helpful videos.

Nexersys Cardio Rounds


Cardio rounds challenge the most advanced athlete and push users to increase stamina and cardiovascular fitness.

Users progress through beginner, intermediate and advanced levels as they improve in their Nexersys training. Starting at the beginner level allows users to learn proper striking and increase difficulty as they get more comfortable with the machine.

Example Cardio Rounds Include: High knees, squat-punch combos, burpee combos, skate jumps, push-ups, speed bag, mountain climbers and more.

Nexersys Core Rounds


Nexersys core rounds focus on building a strong and defined core. Your body's core includes abdominals, obliques, back and various muscles that stabilize and balance your body frame during activity.

Focusing on developing these important muscles not only improves strength, power and endurance but can also improve your striking accuracy and effectiveness by improving overall stability.

Example core rounds include: Plank holds+elbow strikes, crunch punch combos, v-ups, toe touches, leg lifts to body pad, bicycles and more challenging workouts.

Nexersys Striking Rounds


Nexersys striking rounds teach technique and focus on getting users to work every muscle in the body to develop strength, more power and muscle definition.

Strike training rounds include a full range of strikes, knees and kicks.

Example rounds include: jab-cross combos, lead body, power body, lead kick, power kick, lead sweep and power sweeps plus a variety of burn it out combinations. Plus Avatar Sparring and Follow-Me Rounds give users a fast and fun way to test striking skills.

Nexersys Technique


Technique rounds focus on teaching proper striking in both traditional and southpaw stances. As you progress through beginner, intermediate and advanced levels you will receive training in both regardless of your chosen stance.

Nexersys Gaming Rounds


Nexersys gaming rounds provide a great stress reliever. You'll get in a workout while competing!

They'll get a great workout and not even realize it with the fun Avatar Follow-Me, Avatar Sparring and Multi-player competitions.

Avatar Follow-Me rounds are fun reaction based games! The on-screen avatar prompts users to throw certain strikes learned in Nexersys training. Avatar Sparring rounds test memory, skill, response time and accuracy and gives points for including key strike combinations.

Example combinations include jab, cross, lead kick, power kick, lead sweep, power sweep, lead body, power body and a variety of other sweat inducing strike combinations.