Nexersys Boxing Hand Wraps

Your hands are your greatest weapons. Protect them. These boxing hand wraps help keep the bones and tendons in your hands safe from injury, giving your wrists and thumbs the support they need to deliver maximum strike-force safely.

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Nexersys MMA Style Gloves

Fit. Strength. Comfort. A good pair of gloves is your connection to what you’re striking, and our MMA style gloves are built to deliver punch after powerful punch. Made from top-grade leather and high-quality foam, they’re the only gloves you’ll ever need for your Nexersys training.

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Nexersys Anti-Static MMA Gloves

Price: $5.00/pair

Description: Anti static, PU cover with foam inside.

Nexersys Cable Tester (functional board)

Price: $42.00/each

Description: NXS Cable Tester, customized QA/QC tools.