Arcade Model

Nexersys Arcade


Nexersys is creating the first arcade game that puts gamers in a virtual fighting ring and allows them to test their striking skills by throwing real punches and making contact with a real target.

The physical equipment of the Nexersys Arcade Model will differ from the Fitness models in that it will not include the leg pads, the arms will be doubled in length and there will be a fun marquee and cage included to add to the experience. Fast Fists will be the first Nexersys Arcade game and will feature two types of rounds: Training and Competition. In each round, players will have to strike the pad that corresponds to the targets on screen as fast as they can.


Fast Fists News

Fast Fists is available for purchase! Contact us now for more information! (877) 209-0320

Training and Competition

Fast Fists is an action packed, physically involving striking game that is both fun and challenging. Players can choose to challenge the 3D fighters on their own or compete with multiple players for the highest score. The game includes amateur, professional and champion levels with different fighters for each. Each level has a mitt-training round before you challenge an actual fighter so you know exactly what strikes to throw and how. Each level progressively gets more challenging, getting faster and prompting the player to throw more strikes.

Electronic Specs

Processor: OMAP3530 (720-MHz ARM Cortex™-A8 Core)
8GB SD Storage
HDMI to DVI-D with 720p
USB2.0 (four)
Angstrom Linux
5 three-axis accelerometers
Large format touch-screen monitor


Take gaming to the next level. Use your fists to fight for the title in this competitive, next-generation arcade game.