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What a terrific workout! We work Nexersys in with custom exercise routines for every session incorporating all kinds of exercises at least 4X weekly! My home fitness center is lined with far infrared emitters too so we really get a major calorie burn! Then we jump in the lap pool and end the program deep breathing and relaxing in my hyperbaric chamber! All of us just love these innovative machines!!!
Loretta Butorac
Stockton, CA
After having the Nexersys in our house for roughly one month, I can confidently say that this product has the potential to deliver a serious knock-out blow to other home fitness machines.
Brad Marcus
Austin Fit Magazine
This is the absolute best exercise equipment purchase I’ve ever made. It gets me sweating, keeps it exciting, and keeps pushing me to do better. I LOVE it.
Shelley M.
Baltimore, MD
Nexersys truly is fun for the entire family. My son, daughter-in-law and grandkids all had a great experience. My son is buying his very own now. My weight is down, but more importantly so is my blood pressure.
Robert E.
Houston, TX
My family loves it. My favorite part about using the unit is working out with my 7 year old daughter. She loves to work on her karate technique with Nexersys.
Jennifer Pike
I know I’ve only used it once, but I already am impressed. I can see how it will make me push harder. I had to go back to sleep for two hours today after my work-out. I don’t think I’ve worked so hard in 20 minutes ever!
Just back from my first work out – love the machine. One of my hobbies is Kenpo (Martial Arts) – along with staying fit – the machine will improve my speed and accuracy.
Anthony Carey
@NEXERSYS It’s going well. This weekend I moved it from my garage to a room in my house. I’ve gotten some good workouts in. Down 10 lbs.
Cole Andress


My son, Jaxon, and I love coming into the Northeast Family YMCA and using the Nexersys. I teach group fitness classes at the YMCA so it is important to me that my son stays active and leads a healthy lifestyle.
Jenna Huffine
NE Family YMCA - Loves Park, IL
The Nexersys is a complete workout for the mixed martial artist, weekend warrior, or even just a person who likes a fun and engaging workout. Plus lets face it, we all need to hit something every once in a while.
Daniel Carroll
1 World Karate
This is a unique equipment and it helps a lot for our presales. It is entertaining and exciting. We love it!
Megafit Shanghai
Having the Nexersys on campus has gone over great! The students have seen it on TV, on YouTube and in the magazines and are ready to make it a regular part of their fitness routine. We are super happy with our Nexersys and I expect we’ll have to get another one.
Suzanna Hensley
Tennessee Tech
We have had some real positive feedback from our members. We have regulars that use it here on a daily basis. It’s a great alternative to a cardio and strength workout plus, it’s not boring and keeps you motivated. We encourage all our members to give it a go!
Angela Ielasi
Anytime Fitness - Greenacres, Austrlia
I have trained with some of the worlds best coaches. This machine is AWESOME. I get the best of both worlds. It increases your agility, power, and cardio. The cardio segment really works the hard to reach muscles and the abdominal routine is insane. I have yet to find a better machine or exercise to do high Intensity Interval Training on. This machine is everything it says it is and more.
Thomas Hugle
Anytime Fitness - Chubbuck, ID
Members at EmblemHealth Fitness Center are in amaze with the Nexersys! They love the unique workout it provides and the diversity of programs stored into the program. After a full day at work members strap up their gloves, focus in and give the Nexersys everything they have! Great piece of equipment.
Kevon Carter
EmblemHealth Fitness Center
We recently purchased the Nexersys here at Work Zone Fitness, and it instantly became a hit. The Nexersys is an amazing way to get a great workout in as little as 4 min. The Nexersys programs will challenge you at any fitness level, whether you’re in once a week or an avid gym rat.
Jeff Sweigart
Work Zone Fitness - Manheim, PA
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