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The Ultimate Professional Workout

The Nexersys N3 Pro provides a best-in-class interactive fitness experience, perfect for any commercial setting. The built-in HIIT training programs are designed to challenge both body and mind for a fun and effective workout. Stop grinding through the same boring exercise routine and order your new Nexersys today!

Experience Fun Fitness Today!

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3D Animation: The N3 Software delivers fast paced and challenging animated training with a dynamic 3D Trainer in Mitts mode and a 3D Fighter in Sparring mode. The 3D Avatars train the user using multi-colored reticles and directional strike prompts. Users are rewarded for successful strikes.
Improved Body Pad: The N3 Single Body Pad (SBP) is designed to represent an anatomically accurate torso. The SBP design incorporates compression and coil springs to enable movement on 3 axes (X, Y, Z). This new shape and movement combine to teach and train realistic body, hook and uppercut strikes.
Training Rounds: Includes Mitts and Sparring Training Rounds. Mitts prompts, teaches and trains strike types. Sparring is competition based on striking.
Unlimited Unique Profiles: Each N3 Pro Model is cloud-connected where user data is stored, allowing any user to access their profile on any machine.
Cloud/WiFi: Cloud-based training content with unlimited user accounts and free software updates via WiFi.
High Intensity Interval Training: Designed to burn more calories in less time, H.I.I.T. provides short exercise periods of near max intensity, followed by shortened rest periods that challenge the body to its limit.
On-Screen Feedback: Includes an exercise performance summary on strike accuracy, power, reaction time, strike count and points. Feedback is reported in real-time and at the end of each training round.
Adjustable Round Times: Work and Rest round times are adjustable to fit the desired workout duration of each user.
3 Strike Pads: 2 different zones to act as your sparring partner
3-Axis Accelerometers: Measure impact in each pad
22″ LCD Touch Screen Tablet: Makes navigation easier with carousel browsing and selection
Bilateral Arm Movement: Provide realistic impact resistance from any angle
Compact Footprint: Fits in a 4’x4’ area
Adjustable Feet: For optimal adjustment and balance
Easy glide wheels: For relocating your N3P
Power Input: 100-240V – 50/60 hz ZA
Spine Box Dimensions: 47 x 32.5 x 30 inches
Base Box Dimensions: 53.5 x 52.5 x 7 inches
Coating and Metal Plating: Gloss charcoal powder-coating and plating
Net Weight: 205 lb
Gross Weight: 235 lb
Labor 1 Year
Mechanical and Electronic Parts 1 Year
Wear Parts 1 Year
Frame 5 Years
*Full warranty details in Product manuals.


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