Introducing a brand-new UI & a way to automatically download future updates!
Nexersys Update 3.27 is now live! 3.27 introduces a brand-new UI as well as a way to automatically download future updates!
  • Explore an all new UI that streamlines the Nexersys experience from account creation to jumping into a workout! Every screen has been redesigned to give you the most out of your Nexersys!
  • Make sure your Nexersys is always on the latest version by enabling automatic updates in the Admin Settings!
This update also includes an additional video content update, so be sure to check the Update Manager for pending updates after updating to 3.27.
Be sure to install all updates to get the most out of your Nexersys! If you are not the owner, please ask the owner to run the Update Manager.
Don’t miss out on these changes and update today! To update your unit press “Update” in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Connect Your Unit to WiFi
Numbers – 2@2x
Login to Admin 
User: ADMIN | PW: 1234
Numbers – 3@2x
Select Update Manage & Follow Prompts to Update

Previous Updates

We’re proud to announce that Nexersys Update 3.7 is now live! New features in this update include “Burnouts” and Skill Progression. Burnouts add an explosive finish to your mitts rounds to keep your heart rate up. Skill Progression introduces new strikes and movements to users, guiding them through their fitness journey one step at a time.
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