Introducing Cardio Competition
Nexersys Update 3.18 is now live! 3.18 includes a new competition and competition page, improved video selection for Core and Cardio rounds, and a quicker login process for saved users!
  • Keep up with your resolutions with the Nexersys Cardio competition! Compete against others to see who can achieve the most Cardio rounds by the end of the month! Complete 20 to qualify for a spot on the leaderboard, and a chance at the $200 grand prize! Opt-in on the Competition tab to get started!
  • Core and Cardio video rounds are now curated to cover a wider variety of rounds before repeating rounds.
  • Selecting a saved username from the dropdown menu now instantly logs you in without the need to tap the login button.
Don’t miss out on these changes and update today! To update your unit press “Update” in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Join the Competition

Opt-in on the Competition tab and compete for your chance to win some great prizes!


Connect Your Unit to WiFi
Numbers – 2@2x
Login to Admin 
User: ADMIN | PW: 1234
Numbers – 3@2x
Select Update Manage & Follow Prompts to Update

Previous Updates

We’re proud to announce that Nexersys Update 3.7 is now live! New features in this update include “Burnouts” and Skill Progression. Burnouts add an explosive finish to your mitts rounds to keep your heart rate up. Skill Progression introduces new strikes and movements to users, guiding them through their fitness journey one step at a time.
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