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Cross Body Trainer Home

Cross Body Trainer Home

The Ultimate Family Fitness Experience
Studies prove interactive striking workouts burn up to five times more calories than a treadmill
Nexersys CBT H is the ideal focused fitness tool to build hand eye coordination and boost self confidence

Individualized Workouts

Interactive double-end bag that delivers a challenging full-body workout through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) through our Cross Body personal training app on your android or apple device.

Keep track of performance history. Take part in challenges that motivate you. Select your workout, difficulty, level, and duration. Bluetooth connectivity.

Keep track of performance history

Select your workout parameters

Engage in challenges that motivate you

Bluetooth connectivity

Choose Your Challenge, See Your Results
Choose Your Challenge, See Your Results

Customize Your Workouts

Custom tailor your workouts to fit your training needs. Choose from various round types, skill levels, and workout durations.

Cardio, Strike, Core, & Freestyle

Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced

Unlimited 3-minute training rounds

Stay Motivated

Each workout is designed to challenge you through High Intensity Interval Training, using striking techniques. Striking is a great tool to relieve stress and build confidence to get you closer to accomplishing your fitness goals.
Teaching Technology: The Cross Body Trainer app includes technique rounds that teach proper form and training, cardio, core, and freestyle rounds in traditional and Southpaw stance for Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced users. Sharing: The app enables users to share workout results via Facebook and Twitter. Sharing your workout experience is fun and improves performance. Unique Content: Unique and Progressive rounds that challenge each user by changing the workout content when you train. Easy height adjustable shock cord. 3 Axis BlueTooth LE accelerometer. Durable 8" double end bag. Quick connect tension adjustment system. Free standing 93" rolled steel bow. Universal tablet holder. Cross Body Trainer app. Stable Base (40" x 32") with 36 liter ballast.
Adjustable Shock Cord
Easy height-adjustable tension system that adjusts bag speed.
Double End Bag
8" Double End Bag with 3-axis Bluetooth-LE strike sensor.
36 Liter Ballast Stability System with Non-Slip Rubber Footing
Teaching Technology
The CBT App includes technique rounds that each proper form & training, cardio, core, and freestyle rounds.
Unique Content
Unique and Progressive rounds that challenge each user.
The app enables users to share workout results via Facebook and Twitter.


3-axis Bluetooth-LE Strike Sensor (2 AAA Batteries)
8″ Double End Bag
Quick Connect Adjustable Tension Strap
Height Adjustable Shock Cord
Universal Tablet/Phone Holder
Non-Slip Rubber Footing
36 Liter Liquid Ballast
93″ High x 40″ Wide x 32″ Deep
Free-Standing Q235 Rolled Steel Frame
Matte Black Powder Coating
*Mobile Device Not Included


Performance Metrics: Accuracy, Strike Count, Power, Strike Frequency, & Muscles Worked
Motivating Awards and Challenges
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Striking Actions (Jabs, Crosses, Elbows, Hooks, & Uppercuts)
Body Weight Activities (Pushups, Burpees, Crunches, & Planks)
Ability to Share Workout Results with Friends
Bluetooth-LE Sensor Connection
Round Types: Core, Cardio, Freestyle, Strike
Workout Time: 3-60 Mins
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
iOS 7.0 or Later – Android 4.3 or Later Required


Frame Material:Q235 Rolled Steel with Grey Powder-Coating
Strike Sensor:3-Axis Bluetooth-LE Strike Sensor
Double End Bag:8″ Double End Bag
Ballast Size:36 Liter
Base Dimensions:40″(W) x 42″(D)
Mobile Device Holder:Universal

Warranty Information

Frame5 Years
Electronic & Wear Parts1 Year
*Full Warranty details in Product Manual 
5/5 Stars
Easy to setup and very effective
"Very awesome piece of equipment. Easy to setup and very effective."
Zach Mierke
Fremont, OH
5/5 Stars
I am truly addicted!
"I justified the cost since it replaced martial arts classes and gym memberships."
Tami Maldonado
Austin, TX
5/5 Stars
The perfect combination and exercise opportunity
"I just saw your product on shark tank! Fantastic idea."
Ashley Hamilton
Atlanta, GA
5/5 Stars
This thing kills the punching bag!
"I saw your invention on Shark Tank!!! This thing kills the punching bag!"
Kyle Da Vid
Atlanta, GA
Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you’re not satisfied with your XFit product, you can return it to us within 60 days, no questions asked.
Prompt Delivery
We’ll get your unit to you as quickly as possible so you can start boxing without waiting.
Warranty Coverage
Cross Body Trainer Home comes with a 1 Year limited warranty on parts, and a 5 Year limited warranty on the frame.
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Andrew G.   New York, NY 

"Just received the 3.2 update - outstanding!"

I really like the 3D effect for the Mitts and Sparring. Curious as to what would be involved to have the new center strike pad that is new with the N3.


Lalo A.   Santa Fe, NM 

"The best workout I have ever had"

I downloaded the update yesterday, let me tell you it's the best workout I have ever had. It's fun - like working out with a trainer. And the sensors are so much better, I don't have any problem with them. Thank you!


Angela I.   Greenacres, Australia 

"We have had some real positive feedback from our members..."

We have regulars that use it here on a daily basis. It’s a great alternative to a cardio and strength workout plus, it’s not boring and keeps you motivated. We encourage all our members to give it a go!


Suzanna H.   Cookeville, TN 

"Having the Nexersys on campus has gone over great..."

The students have seen it on TV, on YouTube and in the magazines and are ready to make it a regular part of their fitness routine. We are super happy with our Nexersys and I expect we’ll have to get another one.


Jenna H.   Loves Park, IL 

"Love coming in and using the Nexersys..."

My son, Jaxon, and I love coming into the Northeast Family YMCA and using the Nexersys. I teach group fitness classes at the YMCA so it is important to me that my son stays active and leads a healthy lifestyle.


Thomas H.   Chubbuck, ID 

"This machine is AWESOME..."

I have trained with some of the worlds best coaches. This machine is AWESOME. I get the best of both worlds. It increases your agility, power, and cardio. The cardio segment really works the hard to reach muscles and the abdominal routine is insane. I have yet to find a better machine or exercise to do high Intensity Interval Training on. This machine is everything it says it is and more.

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