Cross Body Trainer Pro



Fast 15-Minute workouts
Shred Your Core & Increase Your Cardio
Fun 3-Minute Interactive Rounds
Build Self-Confidence with Boxing Training
Effective Home Fitness for the Entire Family

Sensor - BTLE

The Strike Sensor fits into the Cross Body Trainer bag and detects strikes and sends data to your mobile device. It connects to your device via Bluetooth Low Energy and is battery powered (AA).

Hand Wraps

Used to protect your hands and knuckles, the Nexersys Hand Wraps are ideal for keeping the bones and tendons in your hands safe from injury, giving your wrists and thumbs the support they need to deliver maximum strike force safely.

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Frame: Free-standing
Interactive App: Virtually Endless Interactive HIIT Style Training Content
H.I.I.T. Short, intense workouts focused on striking, cardio and ‘exergaming.’ High Intensity Interval Training provides improved conditioning, improved glucose metabolism and improved fat burning.
Adjustable Tension: Quick Connect Tension Adjustment Strap
Stance: Traditional & Southpaw
Bag Suspension: Height Adjustable Shock Chord
Mobile Device Holder: Universal Compatability
Stability: Non-Slip Rubber Footing & 36 Liter Ballast
Social Connectivity: Ability to share workout results via Facebook & Twitter
App Compatibility: iOS & Android
Sensor Connection: Bluetooth-LE
Round Types: Core, Cardio, Freestyle, Strike
Workout time: 3-60 mins
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Performance Metrics: Accuracy, Strike Count, Power, Frequency, Muscles Worked
Achievements: Motivating Awards and Challenges
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Striking Actions (Jabs, Crosses, Elbows, Hooks, & Uppercuts) Combined with Body Weight Activities (Pushups, Burpees, Crunches, & Planks)
Social Media: Ability to Share Workout Results With Friends
Frame Material: Q235 Rolled Steel with Grey Powder-Coating
Strike Sensor: 3-Axis Bluetooth-LE Strike Sensor
Double End Bag: 8″ Double End Bag
Ballast Size: 36 Liter
Height: 93″
Base Dimensions: 40″(W) x 42″(D)
Mobile Device Holder: Universal
Frame 5 Years
Electronic & Wear Parts 1 Year
*Full warranty details in Product manuals.