Cross Body Trainer Claims the Best Boxing Punch Tracker Title

When it comes to intense styles of workouts, striking and boxing rank among the top most challenging and effective. The fitness industry has taken notice of this insight lately, too. Countless numbers of products have been released, such as boxing punch trackers, that utilize the methods and training techniques found in High Intensity Interval Training and other boxing workouts. However, HITT and striking related products have recently become more cutting edge. Some even allow the user to track and improve upon their abilities with virtual and interactive technology.

With all of these products flooding the shelves of sports stores and the Amazon marketplace, how do you know which of these boxing trackers is best for your fitness needs? Luckily the internet is a great resource for information in regard to researching fitness products. Websites such as the ezvid wiki take the work out of researching products and present the best findings in easily palatable videos and lists. They have put together a list of the best boxing punch trackers on the market today. They even provide consumer insight by highlighting the attributes of each one.

Cross Body Trainer was voted the best high-end boxing punch tracker on the market by ezvid. The Nexersys Cross Cody Trainer has been deemed a high-end product because it truly does provide an encapsulating experience that interacts with its user rather than just tracking their movement. By utilizing techniques found in traditional fitness and sports training, the Nexersys Cross Body Trainer provides each user with an intense workout. Plus, it even promotes mental sharpness by improving reaction time and teaching striking combos and techniques.

The benefits of training on a Nexersys Cross Body Trainer include:

  • Intense HITT workouts
  • Free interactive fitness app
  • Cutting edge teaching technology

It has been proven time and time again that High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective exercises. You are giving your body less time to rest, therefore constantly burning calories both during and after the workout. With the Cross Body Trainer, you are able to get in a quick and effective 15-30 minute workout that will leave you just as sore as an entire afternoon in the gym.

What really separates the Cross Body Trainer from other boxing punch trackers is the customization available within the fitness app. The Cross Body Trainer app allows its user to modify every workout. Choose your round types, skill level, and workout duration so your workout isn’t too hard or too easy.

When it comes to exercising, having proper form is everything. If you have ever tried to learn it on your own, you know it can be an uphill struggle. That’s why the Nexersys team has developed revolutionary teaching technology for the Cross Body Trainer, so every user can have not only effective workouts, but ones that train correct form. The teaching tool on the Cross Body Trainer is not limited to striking, either. This teaching tool is capable of educating how to correctly perform cardio, core, and freestyle workouts in standard or southpaw stance.

Get your Cross Body Trainer today!

So while the Nexersys Cross Body Trainer has been deemed one of the best high-end boxing punching trackers, it also does so much more than that. When you use a Cross Body Trainer you are doing more than a workout, you are building endurance while mentally engaging in your own self-improvement. Try doing that on a treadmill! Ready for your own next level fitness experience? Buy now on the Nexersys website!

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