New and Improved Sparring

Sparring has been re-imagined to give you the most engaging experience possible! Here we will go over the various mechanics on how Sparring works and how you can get the most out of your Sparring rounds!

Scoring During the Round

Scoring is now based on both how much damage you have dealt to your opponent and how much damage they have done to you. Each strike does a set amount of damage, while combos do more damage overall.

The final score is determined by multiplying your remaining Stamina by total Stamina damage dealt to your opponent. Based on the photo, the Player has not taken any damage so their score modifier is at 100. They also dealt 206 points worth of damage to their opponent, so final score will be 100 x 206, which equals 20,600.

screenshot of a sparring score of 36,900

Stamina Bars

Stamina bars represent how much damage you have taken and dished out, however there are a few nuances with how they work and how damage is represented.

Both you and your opponent's Stamina bar start off filled at the beginning of the round. Your Stamina bar only goes down when you miss a defensive prompt or try to strike during the prompt. Your Opponent's Stamina bar goes down whenever you land a strike outside of the defensive phase. The counter underneath your Opponent's Stamina bar goes up by 1 each time you fully deplete their Stamina bar.

You might notice that your Opponent's Stamina bar does not always immediately deplete after a strike, but rather briefly after. This occurs during combos to help visualize how much total damage your combo did. A similar effect occurs whenever You as the Player take damage. Upon taking damage, the screen will flash red and your Stamina bar will partly fill with gray, and the darker part of the Stamina bar gets shorter. The gray part represents the part of your Stamina bar that you have lost, and the darker part of the Stamina bar represents the new maximum Stamina you can reach. You can refill your Stamina bar to the new maximum by not taking damage for a period of time.

Combo & Strike Diversity

Mixing up your Strikes and Combos will also have a large effect on how well you do throughout the round. Repetitively using the same Strikes and Combos will cause your Opponent to catch on to your tactics, and in turn will retaliate with moves of their own. Time spent dodging your Opponent’s moves means time lost that you would otherwise be able to use for Striking. So if you want to maximize your score, be sure to mix up your Strikes and Combos!

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