How to Train Like a Boxer

Properly trained boxers and other fighters are at the pinnacle of physical human ability. They’re not just strong: they’ve got endurance, agility, sharp mental acuity, and a dauntless spirit. Even if you’re not prepping to step in the ring, it’s worth looking at and imitating these athlete’s training to get the most out of your workouts.

Build Your Endurance

We’ve all watched the iconic moment in movie history, when Rocky runs up the stairs in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The workout didn’t start there, though. He had to run to get there too – part of his endurance training to be a better boxer. Not only do fighters need to be able to push themselves for a long time in the ring, but this endurance helps them to keep training and practicing longer too. We recommend starting your training regimen with cardio – to build your endurance for workouts to come.
Outside of long-distance running, sprints are a great way to train yourself to endure when you need a big burst of energy. You don’t need to do this every day, but a few 6 to 10 second sprints (with a minute rest) is a great starting point to improving your explosive endurance.

Boost Your Agility

Boxer’s don’t just need to be fast, they also need to be precise and agile. Fighters need it to dance around their opponents and find the perfect angle to strike, but those of us not looking to exchange blows can still find a use for agility in improving our natural balance or in friendly games of basketball or other sports. Training agility also tends to result in improved reaction times and reflexes.
If you’ve ever wondered why boxers are always jumping rope, this is why! It’s great for practicing footwork and always staying on their toes. You can give It a try too, and you’ll find jumping rope increases your agility and stamina both. Box jumps and agility ladders are another great option too, though you’ll need some more specialized equipment.

Increase Your Strength

Many boxing trainers used to skimp on the weight training, since they believed it made a fighter bulky and slow. While too many workouts at your maximum weight threshold can result in this, that doesn’t mean you should write off weight training entirely. Strength is still crucial in everyday life, and even boxers have started to incorporate a different kind of weight training into their regimens.
Essentially, you’ll want to shoot for maximizing repetitions instead of maximizing weight. Curls, squats, bench press, and more are all perfectly valid options. Choose a weight that will allow you to perform anywhere from 6 to 12 reps in each set. This will build your strength without drastically increasing muscle mass, allowing you to stay quick and flexible.

Simulate a Fight with Bag Work

Once you’re ready to put everything together, the closest thing to a fight you can do without a sparring partner is a heavy bag workout. Many programs recommend three minute sessions broken up by one minute rest periods, just like a real boxing match. Even if you don’t know any fancy combos, even throwing basic strikes can help you put all of your training to use in a full body workout.
However, be sure to act like you’re in a fight! Don’t follow the actors on TV who wail on a bag as hard as they can without moving around. If that was a real fight, their opponent would be running circles around them. Act like the bag can hit back – move around, bob and weave, and even throw in some blocking. This way, you’re not just training your body, but also your mind.

Put Everything Together with Nexersys

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