Home and Pro 1.5 Software Released!

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 5.40.44 PMNexersys is excited to announce the release of our Home and Pro Software Upgrade (v.H.1.5 & v.P.1.5).

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure our customers are having the best possible experience with Nexersys, we are providing all of our registered customers with the updated software. If you have not registered your product, visit our warranty page and register your Nexersys to ensure you receive our software upgrades going forward.

1.5 Home & Pro Betterments:

  • Bug fixes
  • UI betterments
  • Training prompts switched to more intuitive side
  • Stretch round is now an option within user-defined Custom Workouts
  • Further calibration flexibility available through additional Setting Overrides options: 10% easier, normal, and 10% harder calibration
  • Audio Cue, ‘Switch Stance’, now given in addition to on-screen stance display (‘Traditional’/’Southpaw’) when a user is switched to opposite stance training
  • Combo Mode added to Avatar Training, alternating users between Follow Me and Sparring training rounds
  • Historical data navigation updated so users are no longer kicked back to Login Menu after viewing a single workout
  • Stretching round, missing in 1.4, appears after workouts

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