Introducing the Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment Summary Screen

Introducing the Skills Assessment See how high of a score you can get in the new Skills Assessment! The Skills Assessment is designed to take you through a standardized Mitts round that gives you a taste of each difficulty, while also gauging how well you perform! Getting Started To start a Skills Assessment, head to … Read more

How to Train Like a Boxer

How to Train Like a Boxer Properly trained boxers and other fighters are at the pinnacle of physical human ability. They’re not just strong: they’ve got endurance, agility, sharp mental acuity, and a dauntless spirit. Even if you’re not prepping to step in the ring, it’s worth looking at and imitating these athlete’s training to … Read more

Understanding N3 Movement Tracking

Understanding N3 Movement Tracking Nexersys N3 movement tracking is enabled by a combination of the camera installed on our tablets and custom software designed to track user movements by analyzing the image produced by the camera, then tracking movement in the image itself, rather than tracking body movement individually. Implementation Movement tracking is used in … Read more

Get in the Ring with N3 Multiplayer!

Get in the Ring with N3 Multiplayer! Face off against your friends in a fast and fun striking game made to get you moving, and your competitive juices flowing. Multiplayer mode is designed for local play amongst friends and family. The scoring system is designed to be specific and accurate to encourage competition. Settings Screen … Read more

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