Nexersys Launches New Children’s Mode in Latest Software Release

We’re excited to announce a new Nexersys software release. Release 1.4 has several upgrades, one of the most notable being the new children’s mode.

The new children’s mode included in this software release disables the top two pads. This allows children ages 14 years and below to compete in Avatar Follow Me, Avatar Sparring, and Multiplayer Competition rounds. This Nexersys addition gets the entire family involved in fitness. Kids think they’re playing, but they are truly getting an amazing workout.

Additional upgrades in this software release include:

  • A more intuitive and simplified user interface
  • Calibration improvements allowing for more accurate performance metrics based on age, weight and gender
  • The addition of Multiplayer Workout Programs – up to 4 users can work out together alternating rounds while incorporating other conditioning exercises for group training sessions
  • A New Combo Mode in the Multiplayer Competition Program – now alternate between follow me or sparring rounds
  • Workouts are saved after each round so data is saved if the user can’t finish the entire workout
  • USB system profile merge capabilities – enables users to update their software directly from the internet, to use their profiles from multiple locations – at home or the gym, and save rounds to a USB to easily merge the newer data with existing profile data.
  • Southpaw (left-handed stance) versions of all 15 cardio training videos

Be sure to download the latest software to get your kids involved and for optimal performance!  Feel free to contact our team at [email protected] if you have any questions or need help with your download.


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