Adjustable Dumbbell Set



Adjustable Dumbbell Set (2 pc) 25lbs ea

5 adjustable Weights in 1 compact size
Adjustable weight from: 8 lbs, 12 lbs, 16 lbs, 20 lbs to 24 lb.

Use Instructions:

Select your desired weight by rotating the handle. The weight amount will show in the small window by the handle. Remove the dumbbell by grasping the handle and lifting straight up. The weight plates not in use will stay in the tray. When you are done, replace the dumbbell back into the tray.

Comes with:

  • Handle
  • Dumbbell Tray
  • Weight Plates


17.8” x 11” x 9.8”
Net Weight: 57 lbs
Gross Weight: 62 lbs

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