Exciting news for Nexersys this September!

This month was a very exciting one for all of us here at Nexersys! Hopefully, you were able to catch us on Shark Tank earlier this month. But if you didn’t, no worries! Head on over to the article “The Sharks Spoke, and We Listened!” for a recap.

We also recently launched our new website that we are all very excited about! We feel like the overall look and user-friendly navigation on the home screen will help people get where they want to go and find the info they are looking for.

In other news, our Engineering team was able to finish up our newest software release, Fast Fists 1.3, for our Arcade model.
There are 2 main updates with this release: 1.) new fighters joining the ring and 2.) a new “Fight Ladder” that allows users to fight their way to the top, unlocking each fighter, to become the ultimate champion!

Fighter Progression Screen for Arcade Game
Fast Fists 1.3 Fight Ladder

We also made some appearances in several trade shows this month! We were at the FIBO China show in Shanghai, China with our distribution partners at Impulse and Fitness Solutions. Our last show this month was all the way in the Netherlands at the Fitness in Wellness Top 2014 where our distributor, Magic Flight, exhibited the Nexersys Commercial Model.

Striking Fitness Equipment
Nexersys at the Fitness en Wellness Top 2014

We will be having an exciting end of the year with a lot of events and shows planned. Stay tuned for our next post!

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