Home Fitness

Nexersys home fitness equipment is different than anything you’ve ever seen or tried. It provides a full body workout on a single fitness machine. Cardio, core and strike training rounds are modeled after High Intensity Internal Training or HIIT. HIIT workouts involve shorter intervals of more intense exercise and are a great way to take your fitness and fat loss to the next level. ¬†This type of exercise allows you to burn more fat and is proven to burn calories more effectively.

Nexersys is more than a punching bag, offering over 100 professional videos that guide and direct you through fast 4-minute cardio, core, striking, technique and gaming rounds. Offering beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, Nexersys provides a great fitness solution for all, including those looking for a new fun, family fitness option to the most advanced athlete.

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Key Benefits

  • Fast 4-minute circuits
  • Cardio workouts to build endurance
  • Strike training to strengthen and tone arms, legs and abs
  • Core rounds to tone and build strong abs, back and key core muscles
  • Burn more fat and calories faster and more efficiently
  • Full body workout on a single machine
  • Gaming fun for all ages


The Nexersys Home model is for residential use only, not Commercial use. Warranty will be voided if a Nexersys Home model is used in a Commercial environment.

Example Nexersys Rounds

Nexersys rounds include beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Workouts are unlike anything you've experienced!


  • Crunch + Jab/Cross
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Plank Holds + Elbow Strikes
  • Leg Raises
  • Plus more rounds to strengthen your core!


  • 4 Quadrant Touches
  • Burpees + Body Strikes
  • Sumo Squats + Kicks
  • High Knees + Skate Jumps
  • These plus many more to up your cardio game!


  • Lead Body, Power Body
  • Lead Kick, Power Kick
  • Lead Knee, Power Knee
  • Lead Hook, Power Hook
  • Plus more to teach you proper striking technique.


  • Jab/Cross Combos
  • Waterfall Challenge - All Beginner Strikes
  • Cross + Power Dig
  • Lead Kicks, Power Kics
  • More striking rounds will challenge your mind and body!
Shelley M. Baltimore, MD
This is the absolute best exercise equipment purchase I've ever made. It gets me sweating, keeps it exciting, and keeps pushing me to do better. I love it!
Robert E.

Houston, Tx

Nexersys truly is fun for the entire family. My son, daughter-in-law and grandkids all had a great experience. My weight is down but more importantly so is my blood pressure.