Home Gyms: Solutions for the Hectic Lifestyle

Wake up. Get the kids to school. Rush to work. Slam yourself through the workday like a pinball in a machine — all the while thinking how much you would like to pulverize something, anything, all out sheer frustration that comes from bosses and irate customers. Afterward, you are picking up the kids, grocery shopping, soccer practice, errands and not always in that order. Does that sound similar to your life? And the gym? Who has time to go to a gym? You will be lucky if that plastic piece of fitness equipment sitting in the corner ever sees anything other than a garage sale. After all, it’s far from a home gym, and when you did exercise with it, it barely made your pinky toe slimmer.

If your long list of priorities doesn’t include driving off to a gym and waiting in line to use the fitness equipment; then a home gym is right for you. But an effective home gym includes much more than just a treadmill, dumbbells or a punching bag hanging in your garage. No, a home gym should come with your very own personal trainer. It should hold you accountable, motivate you and kick your butt. Your home gym should make you carve out time to exercise. Why? Because it’s fun and you are seeing real-time results. For instance, the Nexersys is more than just lifting weights, running and performing stomach crunches. You will get toned abs from performing rounds of core exercise. You will improve your endurance with hours of cardio. And you will build a strong mind and body by striking and kicking the focus pads.

As an added bonus, Nexersys is a home gym that will let you pulverize your workday aggressions while helping you and your pinky toe lose weight. You can actually have a tremendous amount of fun with this home gym. And who knows, maybe then canceling that unused gym membership will move to the top of your list.



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