Nexersys is Changing the Game in Fitness with Microsoft PlayFab and Azure Kinect

Nexersys is raising the bar again in user engagement for interactive fitness. Earlier this year Nexersys migrated onto the Microsoft PlayFab platform and now is expanding its partnership with Microsoft to integrate the Azure Kinect camera and software into the N3 Elite, Commercial & Pro products in 2020.
With over 1 billion gaming users served to date, Microsoft’s PlayFab platform is ideal for Nexersys to deliver fun gaming style workouts and has opened a new array of opportunities for User Experience. PlayFab features which Nexersys will use include LiveOps, player segmentation, leaderboards, special in-game events, and in-game currency. Users will gain access to immersive experiences including the ability to create group workouts and opportunity to compete in peer to peer or tournament events.
The Azure Kinect system, which includes an advanced camera driven by Microsoft’s AI & Intelligent content team, will provide enhanced natural and intuitive user feedback. The system will collect and analyze skeletal movements and cardio data and enable Nexersys to provide real time dynamic progressive programs and coaching on user form and functional movement, that will rival feedback provided by personal trainers.
With the support of Microsoft and its PlayFab platform and Azure Kinect systems, Nexersys is changing the game in interactive fitness. Want your chance to invest in this exciting and disruptive company? Explore the crowdfunding opportunity listed for a limited time on the MicroVentures website.

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