What You’ll Need for Your Nexersys Workout

Think you’re ready for an N3 workout? You are just a few steps away from experiencing an intense workout backed by cutting edge technology. Once your N3 is assembled and your profile is created you are almost ready to go. Before you fully immerse yourself in the Nexersys experience, take a look at this list to ensure you are fully prepared for a successful workout!

Set Up Your N3 in an Open Area

Working out on the N3 is so much more than just punching pads. The N3’s exercises will have you jumping, crunching and ducking all over the place. So with that being said, your N3 must be in a place where you have plenty of room to move and more importantly sweat.

Wrap Those Wrists

When performing any kind of striking training exercise its important to wrap your wrists. Whenever you throw a punch and make contact with the target you are putting a strain on your knuckles and wrists, which can lead to a multitude of health concerns. Do yourself a favor and wrap your wrists before starting an N3 workout. For more info on wrist wrapping, check out this video.

Strap on Your Favorite Pair of Gloves

Just like the wraps, boxing gloves should be worn during almost any striking based workout. The gloves act as a second layer of defense in protecting your hands and wrists during training. Gloves come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. So be sure to get a pair of gloves that best fit your hand size and training requirements. You can buy gloves right here on the Nexersys site.

Have a Towel Handy

No matter what skill level is, one thing is for certain about completing a Nexersys workout, you will get sweaty. That’s why it’s important to pack a towel whenever you are planning on working out. Sure you may have an old rag that you tags along with you on your exercise outings, but that may not be enough to handle the sweat of a Nexersys workout. Grab a Sports Towel before your workout and dry off in style.
Need more convincing? Check out our 5 Reasons You Need a Sports Towel.

Keep Some Water Nearby

Just like with any workout, staying hydrated while using the N3 is key to completing the task at hand. You will be experiencing fast-paced rounds of intense HIIT exercises which have a knack for making even the most active of people thirsty. So fill up that water bottle and start striking!
Once you’ve checked off everything on this list you are ready to start your workout. So strap on those gloves, make some room and join the striking movement!

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