Core Training: It’s What’s Hot

Summer has arrived. Many of us will brave the sizzling heat to head to the gym in order to fine tune the body we’ve been preparing all spring. Whether you are sculpting your body for the championship, preparing for summer water sports, or simply want to look great in a bathing suit, core training is an essential part of any exercise program. While cardio fitness and strength training are important, core training is essential, not only for sculpting that exceptional physique, but also for increasing your performance in any sport.

Many people know that core muscles include the obliques and abdominals, but do you know that they also include the hip, hamstring and back muscles? These groups of muscles, when developed, keep the torso strong and stable, enabling more efficient, powerful and precise movement in the arms, legs, shoulders and head. Core training can also improve balance and reduce injury, especially to areas around the spine. A strong core allows for heightened overall performance in any sport, and it looks great.

In the past, people developed their core muscles through sit-ups. Then people started including crunches and exercises that developed the obliques. But an effective core training program goes beyond these two muscles groups to include all the muscles around your pelvis and trunk, including the hamstrings. The problem is, most fitness equipment only addresses one part of core training. Developing your core involves a series of repetitions on a long list of machines. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all of your core training in one really great program?

Strike training naturally develops the full array of core muscles, and Nexersys incorporates core training into virtually every activity. In fact, Nexersys provides the best workouts for core training. With the onboard virtual trainer, exergames, and personalized fitness programs, Nexersys makes core training easy, fun and extremely effective. Over time, you’ll see your core muscles strengthen and your performance increase. Now that’s hot!

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