Introducing the Nexersys App!

Introducing the Nexersys App!

We’re proud to announce a new tool in your fitness journey: the Nexersys app! Now there’s a whole new way to take your fitness to the next level, and it’s available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. We’re committed to constantly improving our user’s experience, so the app comes with numerous features previously exclusive to the Nexersys unit itself. Plus, there’s one big, new feature that’s sure to enhance your Nexersys experience.
Share Your Workouts
For the first time ever, you can share the results of your Nexersys rounds! Just finished a tough workout, or topped your best high score? As long as you have the app, you can brag on your favorite social platform with a few quick taps. The app will auto-populate your workout results into a post for you, making it effortless to inspire your friends with your latest rounds in the virtual ring.
View Your History
Now you can carry your Nexersys history with you on the go. Can’t remember your power scores on your last round, or want to track how your accuracy has improved over the course of your workouts? You no longer need to have a Nexersys unit nearby to do so. Now you can update your fitness log from anywhere, and get inspired to get back to your unit and beat your last scores.
Receive Messages
Hearing the latest news from Nexersys just got easier. You’ll be notified every time there’s an update to the Nexersys software, with an overview of the new features to look forward to in your next workout. We’ll also ping you if you’ve been away from your machine for a while, to encourage you to get back to your fitness routine.
Preview Mitts and Sparring
Want to see what the higher difficulty levels are like without feeling pressured to perform? In the Nexersys app, you’re able to preview Mitts or Sparring rounds at any level. You can see what the trainer will prompt – the types of throws, frequency, as well as any defensive moves (if you have them enabled). Or you could even follow along if you have a boxing setup somewhere else.
Manage Your Profile
Before you could access your profile from any Nexersys unit – now you can add your phone to your list! Simply login to your profile and any changes you make to your settings will carry over to your next Nexersys workout.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Nexersys App!”

  1. A couple of questions/comments about the app:
    When I hit pause during a workout, the audio pauses, but the video continues. When I try to resume the audio and video are out of sync. It resets for the next workout, but I can’t just pause and catch my breath then get back to it.
    Some body punches don’t seem to register on the pad. I’m not sure if I should be hitting the X in the middle of the body pad on a dig. If so, those punches don’t seem to register. It seems like it’s looking for a punch on the side pads on the old nexersys.
    Can I change the order of rounds? If I choose cardo and strike, cardio always comes first. If I do five rounds it’s always three cardio, two strike.

    Thank you for looking into these,

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      A core goal of our upcoming update is tackling audio and video de-sync in the video rounds.

      Regarding the pad not registering strikes, we’re not sure what the underlying issues could be but we recommend unplugging and re-plugging in the USB on the back of the tablet, then performing a hard power reset after ensuring the USB is snugly inserted.

      Regarding your last question, there is currently no way to change the order of the rounds.

      If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to or request support here using one of our forms.

      The Nexersys Team


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