The Top 3 Nexersys TV Appearances

Nexersys has been making great strides lately with our recent partnership with Microsoft PlayFab, but we’ve been a consistent player in the home fitness industry for much longer. The personal boxing trainer for your home has been around long enough to make its share of appearances on hit TV shows, from kid-friendly comedies to high-stakes sales pitches. Nexersys is a natural fit on these shows due to its eye-catching appearance and innovative workout modality. Check out the appearances below to see next level fitness in action!

Shark Tank

In January 2014, XFit CEO Terry Jones and Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza showcased the Nexersys to the Sharks. They were impressed by the innovative boxing software and the intensity of the HIIT workouts, with Mark Cuban even taking a round in the virtual ring! The Sharks loved the Nexersys, and with the fitness industry ever-growing, deemed the product a winner.
Unfortunately, the Sharks declined to invest at the end of the day due to concerns about the balance sheet. But the Nexersys team took their advice to heart, and we’ve become totally debt-free in the following years. Not only that, but our sales have continued to rise with the upward trajectory of the industry, all while keeping customer support our top priority.
NCIS Los Angeles


If you were watching NCIS in 2012, you may have caught a glimpse of the Nexersys. Stars like Daniela Ruah and LL Cool J took to the pads on-screen, demonstrating the power of boxing workouts. You could tell these actors were working hard in their scenes just to keep up with the trainers!
Nexersys was there to keep cast members in shape, and the move to appearing on the show itself was a natural transition. The contrasting black and red make for an eye-catching design, and it’s no wonder other shows like Disney’s ‘Kickin’ It’ and ‘The Doctors’ chose to feature the boxing trainer as well.

The Biggest Loser

We’re proud to be featured in season 16 of The Biggest Loser, playing a big role in helping the contestants move towards a healthier lifestyle. Boxing is a great way to lose weight because it’s fun and engaging – you’ll always want to come back for more! To continue our support, the three finalists all received a free unit to add to their home gym. We hope the varied workouts are an encouraging addition to their fitness regimen. We’ll let the testimonials we received the finalists after the show speak for themselves!
“Talk about a blessing! The finalists of The Biggest Loser received a brand new Nexersys boxing machine for our homes to continue our journey in health and wellness. I have learned to love boxing while at the Ranch and this new machine will me continue on my journey! They actually gave us the exact model that was in our gym at the Ranch. Thank you so much Nexersys for blessing me with such an awesome machine. I love it!!!!”
-Sonya Jones
The Biggest Loser

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