Jake Gyllenhaal Getting it Done Doing Strike Training

More and more frequently, moviegoers find themselves amazed at the incredible physical transformations actors undergo to play specific roles. The already slim Matthew McConaughey lost 50 pounds to play his role in Dallas Buyer Club, The Hilarious Rob McElhenny increased his body mass by nearly a third then lost it all again for a single season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and more recently, A-list Actor Jake Gyllenhaal essentially transformed himself into a professional boxer for his upcoming role in the movie “Southpaw.”

Gyllenhaal gained an impressive 15lbs of muscle mass and worked out 6 hours a day including 2000 crunches daily for 6 months to prepare for this role. But why work so hard training your body in such a manner simply for a movie? Well apparently, boxing is a very hard sport to fake being good at. To play the role convincingly, Jake had to dedicate a significant amount of his time to actually learning the technique and building up his body not just to be pretty to look, at but to be a physically, and functionally sound boxer. He trainined in one of the best boxing gyms in the world, Lb4Lb Boxing in Los Angeles with professional boxer, Terry Claybon who also trained Nexersys CEO, Terry Jones. Lb4Lb is the real deal – they have the best trainers and equipment, including a Nexersys Commercial model. Strike training really does do wonders.

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