Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 Trains with Nexersys and Wins Austin’s Fittest 2015 Competition!

Congratulations, Scott York!

Scott York, husband, father of 4 boys and Nexersys customer since 2012, recently competed in the annual Austin’s Fittest Competition and won! We are proud to be a part of Scott’s extensive training that he endured prior to winning.

Scott says, “Fitness has greatly enhanced my life as well as my role as a father and husband. I’d like to think that I’ve become a better me. I’ve discovered that you can’t be happy if you aren’t healthy. A few years ago, I began using the Nexersys exercise machine. The Nexersys combines full body movements in a simple, yet challenging workout.  In fact, it’s more than just a workout – you’ll discover how to embrace the joy of movement. The workouts are constantly evolving, always challenging and fun.  Each workout on the Nexersys can stand alone in getting the job done.  In fact, the Nexersys helped me get into such great shape that I entered and WON Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 (2015)!”

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Austin, TX, home of the Nexersys headquarters, is one of the fittest cities in America. From the countless trails, lakes and rivers to all of the gyms and fitness groups, there are endless opportunities for residents and visitors to get active and healthy! We at Nexersys pride ourselves in supporting healthy and active lifestyles and couldn’t be happier that we are a part of Scott’s success!

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