Kickstart Your Weight Loss by Cutting These Foods Out of Your Diet

Losing weight is a priority for most Americans, however, most will find that starting and sticking with a weight loss plan is much easier said than done. Since unhealthy foods are usually more plentiful than healthier alternatives, many may feel a constant temptation to make unhealthy decisions. Luckily you can start losing weight and easing your way into a sustainable diet by cutting out some of these unhealthy options.


What was once an occasional treat is now a mealtime staple for many Americans. It is well known that these fizzy drinks have a lot of sugar in them, but the sheer amount might just surprise you. A typical can of soda has around 36 grams of sugar, that’s about the total amount of sugar you should be having a day! Skip the soda and grab a water, it’s way more hydrating.

Fried Food

There is nothing quite like a basket of french fries and chicken strips to cure your lunchtime hunger. That is until you realize how many calories you are consuming. When food is fried the oil is absorbed into the food, causing the food to be more calorie-rich. Food is usually fried by restaurants in Hydrogenated oil which is high in trans fat. Skip the fried chicken and go for a grilled alternative, your waistline will thank you later.

Ice Cream

A summertime staple that could eventually lead to a stomach staple, ice cream may look appealing but not when its extra calories are tacked onto your waistline. Much like soda, ice cream is loaded with sugar and depending on the serving size well over the sugar intake any average adult should have a day. However, there are many healthier alternatives to everyone’s favorite frozen treat. Put down the pint and reach for something a little on the lighter side.


Remember pouring a bowl of cereal every Saturday morning and sitting in front of your TV to catch your favorite cartoon? Well, we wouldn’t recommend taking that stroll down memory lane too often. It is well known that cereal is a grain, but when its been highly processed and flavored with sugar, the health variable of the meal is taken out of the equation. Trade out those childhood fruity circles for something with a little more fiber.

White Bread

What’s low on nutrition, high in carbohydrates and is a flat stomach’s worst enemy? If you said white bread, you would be correct. This lunchtime staple is great at holding a sandwich together, but if you’re trying to shed any unwanted weight you might want to look for a healthier alternative. Since most white bread is highly processed, it lacks fiber making it very hard to digest. The only thing better than sliced bread is not having to eat it at all.

Frozen Meals

We get it after a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is fire up the oven and whip up a somewhat edible meal. Sometimes throwing a frozen dinner in the microwave and calling it a night seems like the best option. However, once you realize how bad that plastic tray of frozen goodies is for your waistline, then making a meal doesn’t seem like that daunting of a task. Frozen meals contain a heavy dose of sodium and a low dose of nutritional value. While frozen meals do generally have a proportional serving size, once you factor in the lack of nutrients and surplus of preservatives that quick fix turns into a dieting nightmare.
Don’t let weight loss ads fool you, shedding off extra pounds is not an easy task. However, if you take gradual steps in the right direction achieving your fitness goals will seem a lot more attainable. By cutting the listed foods out of your diet, you are fast-tracking yourself to living a healthier life. Throw regular exercise on top of healthy eating and you’ve got a recipe for success. Like dieting, exercise does is challenging but doable, no matter your skill level or time constraints. If you workout on a device such as the N3 Elite you can burn a massive amount of calories in little to no time. By running through multiple rounds of high-intensity interval training your workout effectiveness will skyrocket causing you to lose weight much quicker. Start your weight loss journey today by knocking bad food out of your diet.

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