5 Reasons You Should Be Doing a Boxing Workout

What generally comes to mind when you hear the word “boxing”? Is it two burly men duking it out in a ring? A classic movie with an inspiring theme song? People with bad tempers looking for a reason to fight? While the idea of boxing may seem very intimidating, the cardiovascular benefits of the training may be worth taking a step out of your comfort zone. Boxing is not just for fighters, it’s an effective full-body workout that is great for everyone! You don’t have to go toe to toe to get the same fitness benefits boxers do. In fact, many people who train with boxing-inspired workouts never step foot in the ring. We have made a list of the 5 reasons why you should be doing a boxing workout so you knock out your fitness goals

1. Boxing Improves Cardiovascular Health

It is well known that performing some kind of cardio is essential for staying healthy. But did you know that boxing is a great form of cardio? Performing multiple rounds of strikes, jump rope and core exercises are sure to get anyone’s heart rate up. In fact, boxing workouts are so effective that you can burn up to 13 calories a minute, that’s about 200 to 400 calories per half hour! If practiced consistently, boxing workouts will build your stamina and reduce your resting heart rate. Ditch the treadmill and pick up a pair of boxing gloves for an effective full-body workout.

2. Boxing Relieves Stress

When you work out you are helping your brain produce endorphins which are key to relieving stress. The variation in intensity levels as practiced in traditional boxing training is great for increasing your endorphin levels. When you transition from hitting a punching bag into a rest period and then back into striking you are fatiguing your body at a rapid rate. You will be too busy trying to catch your breath than worrying about what needs to be done around the house. Forget your troubles and focus on your personal help by training like a boxer.

3. Boxing Burns Fat Fast

Did you ever notice that most boxers are ripped? That isn’t just a coincidence, boxing workouts do not play well with fat. Since boxing workouts burn an abundance of calories per hour, chances are you will burn more calories than you consume. By performing a high-calorie burning workout such as boxing, you will eventually start to lose body weight, increase mobility and boost your energy levels. Best of all you won’t stop burning calories as soon as you stop working out. As your body is adjusting back to its resting heart rate, you are still burning calories. Strike your way into a waist size, by incorporating boxing into your workout routine!

4. Boxing Promotes Muscle Growth

You don’t have to become a gym bro to make your muscles grow. Boxing is a great way to promote muscle growth. When you jab and cross you are making your muscles react quickly, which over time will increase your muscle growth and definition. Being that boxing is a full-body exercise you will be promoting muscle growth all over your body as opposed to just a few muscle groups at a time. Put the weights down and pick your fists up to start seeing some gains.

5. Boxing Boosts Self-Confidence

One of the reasons many people start exercising is to improve their self-confidence. What better way to boost your self-confidence than to train like some of the most intimidating athletes in the world. While taking up a new style of training may seem like a big hurdle to overcome, there are many different programs and pieces of equipment that can guide you down the path to success. If you are just starting your training or have been for a little while, the N3 Elite is a great option because it adapts to your skill level. Learn the basics of boxing or improve your skills through customizable rounds of high-intensity boxing-inspired exercises. See what untapped potential lies within you, train on an N3 Elite today!
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