Nexersys Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight Simulator

The fight of the century is days away! As fans anxiously await the big event, a pop-up shop has been set up in Vegas with custom May-Pac gear AND a boxing simulator that allows you to simulate the fight yourself! And it’s no ordinary fight simulator! Using the intelligent Nexersys technology and our equipment, VT Pro Design has created the ULTIMATE fight experience! The game allows fans to get into the ring as either Floyd or Manny and fight the other opponent. With a 10 f.t. tall LED video screen and our very own Nexersys punching pads, the game is action-packed! And it doesn’t end there, if the player is able to make it through the fight, the final knockout punch will be captured on a  360-degree camera. That footage will then be emailed to you for bragging rights.

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