The Only Towel You Need for Summer Fun

Say Hello to Sports Towel!

It should go without saying that summer is everyone’s favorite season, and for good reason. It’s the only time you are able to walk around without wearing shoes and not be graced with judgmental glances. Everyone enjoys summer because of outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and tanning. Being that most summer activities either involve water or sweat, a towel is an absolute must. Sure, you can grab an old towel out of your hall closet, but you will need multiple towels for different occasions, and that sounds like a big pile of laundry no one wants to do. What if we told you that you only need one towel this summer? Here are the reasons why the Nexersys Sports Towel is the only towel you need for all your summer fun.

Soak Up the Sun and the Sweat

Spending the day out in the sun is great, but after a while, it can get a little hot. And that means one thing: sweat, and a lot of it. No matter how much confidence you have, pulling off the sweaty look is just something most of us can’t do. Sure, you can fight for space under the cabana fan and stand around awkwardly as the sweat gets blown away. But for many of us, this is not necessarily how we want to spend our summer. With a sports towel, you can quickly wipe away sweat and moisture and continue soaking up a healthy dose of vitamin D. Skip the nudge war under the fan and grab a sports towel to handle those sweaty summer situations.

Avoid Sweaty Car Seats

Cranking up the AC in your car after enjoying a hot summer day is an absolute must. While that blast of cool air may feel great, the truth is your back is still sweating. That sweat is seeping into your car seat quicker than you can say “Summer fun”. If you’re like most people, you probably want your car to last and keep looking somewhat presentable. You could throw an old bath towel on your seat to try and prevent some of that sweat seeping into your car’s upholstery. Or you can throw on a towel that was made for saving your car’s seats. The Sports towel contains a built-in pocket that has the ability to wrap around your car’s headrest, ensuring that it will not move around during travel. Take care of your car and put a sports towel on your seat next time you have a wet and wild time.

It’s Big Enough to Lay Out On

One of the main reasons people love summer is because of the beautiful tan they are able to get from lying out in the sun all day. Have you ever seen someone frowning as they are laying poolside, soaking up rays of sunshine? Didn’t think so. While choosing the right sunscreen can vary depending on how well your skin can handle the sun, one thing remains the same, the need for a big comfortable towel to lay out on. Many towels are big enough for most of your body, but it will most likely not have enough room for your entire body. Sure you can buy a large beach towel, but do you really want to lug around something that big? The Nexersys sports towel is bigger than most conventional towels ( a whopping 148cm x 74cm!) and best of all, is comfortable to lay on. Don’t settle for a towel that wasn’t made to function outside of the bathroom, lay out on a towel that’s big and comfortable this summer.

Stores Away with Ease

Going to the beach is a commonality for most peoples summers. The soft feel of sand as you soak up rays of sunshine while listening to the ambient sound of rolling waves crashing in the distance creates enough paradise to relax even the most stuck up individual. While the beach can serve as a personal paradise, if you forget to pack a proper beach bag that island oasis can quickly turn into a sandy nightmare. Any properly packed beach bag should contain food, sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, and a change of clothes. But once you’ve gathered the essentials, there’s no little to no room for the most important item, the towel. However, if you had a sports towel, you would be able to fit it right into your beach bag and still have room for another sandwich and bottle of sunscreen. The sports towel is compact and features a self-contained pouch that you can easily store it away in. Can your hallway closet towel do that?
Summer is here! So go out and catch some rays, cannonball into your nearest pool, and dry off with the towel that fits all of your summer needs. While summer is fun, it is only a few months long, so grab your Nexersys Sports Towel today!

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